Da-Global Consultants Ottawa


Transforming Data Into Information

DA Global Consultants Inc. provides quality industry leading data analytics consulting to satisfy any business intelligence need utilizing knowledge and experience of the leading data analysis software platforms available. Our consultants come from a variety of industries and are constantly training and keeping up to date with the latest technologies and knowledge of legacy systems to ensure top quality service.

ETLs, Data Warehousing and OLAP

In today's competitive markets, Business Intelligence is not only useful, but is essential for continued success in the market place. An organization's data can easily turn into an overwhelming amount of information that eventually becomes too complex to make sense of in an efficient manner. With ETLs and well planned out data warehousing design processes, data can turn into a powerful tool that can feed various reporting metrics and end user applications for a visual perspective of the company's data. DA Global can provide your organization with a complete customized data repository, starting from raw data processing and loading, to an organized data structure that is scalable and customizable to any end user BI interface.

Process Automation

Automated processes means, less time processing and preparing data and more time for analysis. Our consultants have vast experience in process automation and stored processes enabling timely data and report creation.

Documentation and Technical Writing

Documentation is a crucial component to any information system. Documenting project purpose, key contacts, processes, programs, and metadata will ensure business continuity and create a solid foundation for training of new staff and keeping existing staff up to date.

Data Auditing

Is your data model reporting accurate data? Are all calculations and models performing the proper tasks? With today's complex data warehouses and large amounts of data to fill them on a daily basis, data anomalies can occur without the end user noticing until it is too late. We can come in as a third party to audit your data and make sure that everything is in working order and provide the metadata to better understand your data repositories and their capabilities.

Programmer Training

We can train your in house programmer/business analysts to maximize there abilities in programming and design with data analysis software. Reduce your training costs with our experienced professionals who can train your staff onsite to create new projects and/or maintain your existing systems and processes more effectively and efficiently.

Should you require more information do not hesitate to contact our offices via email info@da-global.com or by telephone CAN 613-216-2511, USA 973-457-5589